b'MEET YOUR TEAMYour Independent AgentBerkley One was built from the ground up with a select group of sophisticated agentswho are specialized in personal insurance, value relationships and genuinely put youfirst. Your agent works as your ally, collaborating with you to deliver customizedsolutions you need, while also working with us to make things easier, faster and moreefficient. Your agent is your first and best resource for insurance advice and service.Keep their contact information handy and work closely with them to design solutionsfor your personal insurance needs.PriorityOne SMServiceYou expect exceptional service. Berkley Ones PriorityOne SMsupport team goes aboveand beyond to deliver it. Berkley One Solutions Specialists are standing by as a singlepoint of contact to help you get action and answers when you need them. Count on usto listen, understand your challenges, anticipate your needs and give you the power tochart your own course. For quick access to Berkley One Service, add our phone numberand email address to your contacts.PriorityOne SMService [email protected] One Claims TeamWere here to restore your world. When a covered claim happens, its our responsibility and our promiseto make the process as simple, efficient and personalized as possible. Our experienced claims specialists will help guide you every step of the way and use technology to provide 24/7 online claim access and real-time progress updates. Add our claims phone number to your contacts so that you have the information handy in the event of a claim.Berkley One [email protected]'