b'ACCESS YOUR SERVICESPlusOne SMService Repair Network PlusOne SMRoadside Assistance Our network is your network. If you need a contractor to work on your home afterBerkley One provides roadside services to help you get back on the road with a claim, your gutters cleaned in the springtime or a backup generator installed,fast, safe and reliable assistance nationwide. Weve partnered with Urgent.ly, aqualifed specialists will come to your aid, taking the search out of the process forleading global digital roadside assistance platform to provide on demand help withyou and your family.rapid response times and a strong network of providers. Roadside Assistance is SM available to Auto Suite clients by endorsement, on a per-car basis. Check with your Access the PlusOneService Network855-663-8553agent to determine if coverage is available in your [email protected] Get PlusOne SMRoadside Assistance (for clients who have purchased Roadside Assistance coverage for the specic vehicle needing service)[email protected] For clients who live in areas prone to wildfire, Berkley One has collaborated with Wildfire Defense Solutions (WDS) to provide wildfire response services. WDS monitors wildfires countrywide and provides us with up-to-the-minute information about fires that may endanger client properties. If a wildfire is threatening, WDS can deploy response resources to take necessary action to minimize the risk of damage.This service is complimentary for homeowners clients in Arizona and Colorado. Clients are automatically enrolled. If you wish to opt out of receiving wildfire services from WDS, please email us at [email protected]'