Coming soon: innovation in an unexpected place – insurance

For centuries, helping a neighbor in need was a natural response; you might even say it was the first kind of insurance. But today’s actuarial tables, big data and complex technology can make insurance seem impersonal and confusing – it can feel a lot more like “no” than “yes.”

At Berkley One, we believe there’s room for a new insurance solution: one that combines highly personal interactions with the smartest, most positive cutting-edge innovations. One that partners with select independent agents who value relationships and genuinely put clients first. One that addresses real pain points and gaps in the insurance process. That’s why we’re preparing to launch a new approach to personal insurance for successful people. We’re on a mission to redefine how insurance works – to make the insurance experience better for our clients – simpler, but at the same time more advanced and more personalized.


Starting with a new understanding of today’s sophisticated personal insurance client


Modern people have full, busy, often-globally adventurous lives. That often means they have unique insurance needs. They are always asking “what’s next,” leaning forward and looking for new and better ways to improve their businesses and their lives. And they want to partner with companies that also highly value innovation, progress and their unique personal situations. Enter Berkley One.

As we designed Berkley One, we kept the client at the center. We conducted customer research as we built our brand and website and found that while each Berkley One client will be unique, they also share some commonalities. The Berkley One client is the modern client who:

  • Shares a “live-large” mindset, actively working to enjoy every minute to the fullest.
  • Values experiences over things.
  • Is deeply involved with work, family and community.
  • Leads a busy, complex and increasingly global life, leaning on technology to stay on top of it all.
  • Likes to be “in control”, feeling most comfortable in leadership roles and taking charge of resources and plans.
  • Lives “in the know,” with interest and acumen in international affairs and embracing opportunities to learn new things.
  • Lives “in the next,” passionately seeking new adventures and trying things no one else has done before.
  • Is the architect of their own world, following their own direction, wherever it leads.


Developing coverage for those who have and want more in life


Berkley One aims to be a new and better insurance provider. We’re creating technology, services, accessibility and thinking to help successful people keep moving forward in a thoroughly modern world.

“It’s exciting to be part of such a culture of innovation,” Silipo says. “I’m working with people who have 10, 20 or 30 solid years on the front lines of insurance, claims management, underwriting and specialty coverage. We’re all asking, ‘How could this be better?’ We’re out to make the Berkley One experience smart, simple and satisfying.”

The team started building the organization in late 2016. They listened, conducted research, engaged key independent agents, and focused on what it takes to deliver exceptional service in home, auto, collectible, liability and (coming soon) travel insurance – coverages for everything from drones and sculptures to trust and LLC ownership agreements for second homes.

“We planned for the personal touches that can make people feel better after a covered loss, like a rental car like their own or a temporary home that lets them keep their dogs with them,” Silipo says. “We looked at cyber-attacks, advisory services for collectors and trailering classic cars.”

By listening first and building second, Berkley One has created technology and service platforms that are nimble, personalized and integrated for instant access, effortless communication and client-first solutions. Berkley One wants to be known for simplicity and flexibility, having designed coverage and endorsement options that allow clients to customize their coverage to the way they live today.

At Berkley One, we believe it’s an approach whose time has come.