Fine Art

Every art collection is different. Yours is your passion, and we understand that. Berkley One’s policy for fine art and collectibles is designed from the ground up for the avid collector, taking into account many of the losses you could face.

Anticipating and responding to a collector’s specific needs is Berkley One’s lifeblood. We don’t balk at edgy sculpture, non-traditional materials or art on loan to a gallery. We also considered eventualities you may not have prepared for, such as damage during conservation, challenges to your ownership of a piece of artwork or delays to the completion of a commissioned work in progress.

Whether you need protection for a few treasures, a home gallery or an entire personal museum, we can customize coverage to help safeguard your assets. And when you have a covered claim, we have the contacts in the art market to get the best restorers and other contractors working on your collection right away.


A Higher Level Of Coverage For Your Fine Art

With a deep understanding of modern risks for collectors, we’ve developed an array of additional coverages. Is a beloved painting being restored to return its original luster? We provide some coverage for damage caused to an item while undergoing conservation treatment. Concerned about the risk of forgery or false title? We cover research and legal defense expenses in the event of a challenge to title and provide coverage for costs incurred to determine whether artwork is fraudulent. Art on the move between homes or to museums for exhibitions? Our policy includes coverage for pieces in the care, custody and control of others. And what if prices rapidly increase after the death of a popular artist? We have an answer – with coverage for up to 200% of the scheduled value in the event of a loss to a work by an artist who has recently passed away.

Art Advisory And Loss Consulting Services

Did you know the #1 cause of damage to fine art is transportation related? Berkley One’s renowned art specialists can put you in touch with art professionals who can pack, transport and even install your art.

We are available to consult with you on loss prevention, drawing on unparalleled expertise in the art market, or to handle projects on your behalf. The scope of our support may surprise you: from art schedule reviews and comparable analysis to security device placement to severe weather preparation. We can even guide your housekeeping staff in knowing what to do – and not do – to care for your collection.

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