It may have started with keeping a few bottles of Napa Valley reds on hand at home. Perhaps it grew to include a personal wine cellar or a well-stocked Eurocave.

Like many wine collectors, you might have a hard time putting your finger on what your collection is really worth. (After all, it’s really about what you like.) At Berkley One, we can put you in touch with resources to help assess the value of your wine and help you protect it. Our team includes people who share your passion.


A Higher Level of Coverage For Your Fine Wine

Say you keep your wine collection in your Eurocave and after being out of town, you return to find that there’s been a power outage – leaving your wines stewing in ninety degree heat. Your bottles of cabernet sauvignon now taste like fortified grape juice. Berkley One can cover the compromised bottles so you could buy replacements. That’s the kind of service you can expect from us.

Wine Advisory And Consulting Services

Berkley One’s wine experts have the expertise to help you determine the value of your wine collection – large or small – and work with you to help protect it. If you like, we can even advise you on caring for your collection to help avoid loss and on keeping accurate records of temperature, humidity and reviews. Because we love the fruit of the juice as much as you do.

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