In a rental unit, coverage for your belongings is the bottom line. Your insurance agent helps you determine whether you have enough coverage to replace what’s yours if the need arises: the clothes in your closet, your furniture and electronics, the food in your freezer. We even cover extras you might not find elsewhere, like light fixtures and improvements you may have added.


Higher Levels Of Service

Imagine you’re living in a rental and the neighboring apartment has a kitchen fire, causing smoke damage. Your furnishings and clothing are beyond repair. You begin to realize what it would take to replace them with items of comparable quality. That’s when you’re glad you have Berkley One renter’s insurance. We’ll replace your covered belongings with things you’d buy from the places you typically shop – to put you back where you were before the loss.

The Berkley One Difference

Berkley One’s rental coverage offers you enhanced choices and flexibility, with features like these.

Let us show you how we can help you cover your personal belongings, with higher coverage limits where you need them such as landscaping, incidental business property and credit card, EFT, counterfeit money.

Your Berkley One rental policy can be customized to include coverage for loss of a parking spot, cyber, equipment breakdown, and family security, to name just a few. And if you need additional coverage for art, wine, jewelry, recreational equipment or anything you collect, we have a policy for that. Ask us how to get started.

If you live in a building with a security system, central station fire alarm, or other protections, you may be able to save money on your insurance premiums. Ask your Berkley One independent agent for details.

Our command center includes live tracking of weather events as well as tips and services to help you stay in control and ahead of the curve.

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