Berkley One is here to help you protect your house and what’s in it. Our coverages include things you may not think too much about until you need them, like the costs of rebuilding to code, debris removal and a fire department service charge when a covered loss happens. We’ll work with you to identify extra coverages to be in tune with the way you live, including higher limits in key areas.


Berkley One Goes Over And Above

With Berkley One’s guaranteed replacement cost option, available in most states, we can help restore your home to the way it was before a covered loss – even if the cost to do so is greater than the limit on your policy because of say, an unexpected shortage of labor. And when you have to move out for that reconstruction, your policy includes expense coverage to help you secure a nice place to hang your hat to maintain your standard of living and minimize the disruption to your daily routine. Or maybe you don’t want to rebuild what you had, and prefer a cash-out option instead, which is available for certain total losses. Then, we can customize additional protection to your needs and lifestyle.

If you experience a covered loss, you can choose a licensed, insured contractor from our repair network and that comes with a three year workmanship warranty. We’ll recommend a contractor we know – someone who’s excellent at restoring fine homes – to manage the process and keep you in the loop every step of the way. (We can also put you in touch with a great plumber or electrician for routine maintenance anytime.)

What Makes Berkley One Different?

Berkley One is rethinking home insurance to cover the things you care about the way you need them covered. That gives us the flexibility to offer you features like these.

We help make sure your insurance coverage fits you, with higher coverage limits available in a wide variety of categories including landscaping, loss assessment, incidental business property and special limits for jewelry, silverware and other valuables.

You can customize your policy where you choose by adding coverage for equipment breakdown and service lines as well as expense coverages for cyber and family security, to name just a few. We also have a separate policy for art, jewelry, wine, recreational equipment or anything you collect if you need more coverage. And don’t forget that your policy can also respond when an accident results in damage to another – ask your agent about how personal liability coverage can help you.

When you have a covered claim, Berkley One can replace, restore, and rebuild your house to its prior condition. We have relationships with local contractors who have solid track records working with distinctive properties that have special features and character. And our team keeps you fully up-to-date on the process of repairs.

Even if you didn’t experience a claim, you can still tap us for a reliable referral for renovations or to take a proactive step toward reducing your risks and preventing losses. Just call 855-663-8553 or email [email protected] to get connected with our PlusOne Service Network of contractors.

“Green” LEED construction, mortgage-free ownership, gated community/patrols, backup generator and other protections can help reduce your insurance costs. At Berkley One, we believe that proactively protected homes are better risks and your premium should reflect that. Ask your agent about these and other potential premium reductions.

Our experienced risk consultants start by visiting your home to conduct a comprehensive review, using all the latest tools to analyze more than 30 different elements in and around your property. These thorough diagnostics arm you and us with risk insights and actionable advice to help you make decisions and stay ahead of evolving risks.

Our command center includes live tracking of weather events as well as tips and services to help you stay in control and ahead of the curve.

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