Your accomplishments earn you opportunities to enjoy life, give back and build the future you want. But because of who you are, what you do and where you go, you have more exposure and need more protection to help shield your assets.

Of course, you have a financial plan to advance your goals and those of your family long-term. Your agent can help you round out that financial plan with solid liability coverage from Berkley One to help protect you and your assets now, next week and next year – no matter what comes along.


Liability Coverage Tailored To Who You Are And What You Do

You’re engaged, connected, on the go. Maybe you entertain, host fundraisers and take friends on vacation with you. Are you comfortable that you’re covered?

An above-average lifestyle needs an above-average level of protection. Our personal umbrella coverage, also called excess liability, follows you anywhere in the world, providing liability protection above that of your auto and home policies for things like serious injuries to another person or damage to another’s property – so you don’t have to worry when you live your adventurous life. To learn more or for sound recommendations tailored to you, talk with your independent insurance agent.

How Is Our Liability Coverage Different?

We’re a new and better insurance provider for people who think big and live bigger. We’re uniquely qualified to create a custom liability program around people like you.

How do you know how much liability coverage you need? At Berkley One, we know the answer is “that depends” – on your assets, your comfort level, even what you want out of life. We can offer excess liability coverage limits that fit your plan. Your Berkley One independent agent has the experience to advise you.

If you ever need legal representation for a covered excess liability claim, Berkley One is with you. We can cover your defense costs.

Most liability insurance pays damages to someone else if you’re found at fault, but not to you if someone else is at fault. Berkley One lets you extend your protection to include this rare option, which can cover you or a family member for bodily injury, loss of income, gaps in treatment and more when it’s someone else’s fault, and that person doesn’t carry liability insurance (or doesn’t carry enough).

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