From the antique ring that’s been in your family for generations to the newest gem you scooped up as a reminder of your travels, you wear each piece with pride. Filled with gifts and accessories to complete your everyday look or elevate a special occasion, the tiny treasures of your jewelry collection reserve a bigger place in your heart. We think your insurance company should support that. At Berkley One, we appreciate fine jewelry and understand the market. Our jewelry policies are designed to provide coverages for valuable items and collections above those of your home policy.


A Higher Level of Coverage For Your Jewelry

Your on-the-go lifestyle means small valuables can get lost somewhere in the course of your pursuits. And because jewelry can be easily melted down or resold, it’s equally as attractive to thieves as it is to you. We can help you customize coverage as artfully as the items it protects – taking into account what you wear, how often you wear it and your needs. We can also advise you on reducing your risk of loss at home or away. If you do have a covered loss, you can rely on us for prompt, fair claims service and superior customer service, both when you’re at home and when you travel.

Jewelry Consulting Services

Berkley One’s jewelry experts have the experience to help you evaluate and protect your fine jewelry pieces. We can advise you on security, maintenance, record-keeping and more. If you need assistance selecting at-home safes or vaults, we can consult on those that fit the size of your collection and the level of security you prefer. Our specialists are knowledgeable about both traditional safes and new high-tech ones – some of which will even send you alerts on your mobile phone if the safe is compromised or if motion detector sensors are triggered, so you never miss a beat.

Our jewelry policies have been developed by experienced people who understand your lifestyle in today’s world – and how to insure it. We’re also here with up-to-date knowledge and guidance that can help you avoid losses in the first place.

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