Why Berkley One?

You’ve never settled for doing things “the way they’ve always been done.” Neither do we. We’re Berkley One, a radically new personal insurance provider for people forging their own way in a rapidly moving world. We’re rethinking insurance from the ground up, making it more customizable, smarter, more responsive and higher-tech. There are many insurance companies out there, but when you want the expertise and the innovation to keep you moving forward, there’s only one – Berkley One.


We’re here to help protect you and your changing portfolio of assets, offering coverages and services to fit your interests, explorations, forays and dreams. Got a new one? Let’s tackle it together! If we may be able to make something better, we’ll gladly challenge the status quo to find a new way.


We’re easy to reach when you need us. We’re as involved as you want us to be in building the network of protection you need at the level you want. And when you have a claim, exceptional service is the order of the day.


The agility and resourcefulness of our front line professionals is the stuff of legends. At the risk of beating our own drum: we know what we’re doing. That’s because our team members average 18.8 years in the industry and hail from more than 17 different insurance companies. As a Berkley One client, you have us all at your disposal.


Berkley One is a new company, but we’re backed by the power of Berkley, a long-standing heavy hitter in the industry and one of America’s largest insurance providers.


Our platform is energized by industry leading partners. We bring you the best agents, partner with leading service providers and orchestrate a seamless experience tailored to you.

Satisfaction At Every Turn

Satisfaction At Every Turn


You expect exceptional service. Berkley One’s PriorityOneSM support team goes above and beyond to deliver it as a one-stop, single point of contact to help you get action and answers exactly when you need them. Everything we do is designed to simplify, streamline, and empower the way you live. To deliver personalized, intuitive, and responsive service on your terms. To make sure you have the technology, services, accessibility and thinking you need to move forward.

In short, we’re rewriting the rules around you, and empathy is at the core of how we do it. We listen, adapt, reinvent and ask questions that help us make your insurance work for your life. Questions like:

  • Do you own a second home? Do you ever lend or lease it?
  • If you have kids at college, do they drive? Rideshare? Kitesail?
  • Do you travel for fun, adventure or exercise?
  • How much could a power surge or electrical breakdown cost you?
  • What if a weather event kept you from parking in your parking spot?

When you want an answer, advisor, a guide or a surrogate, Berkley One steps up. And reaching us is always easy – by text, email, phone, or chat.


We take claims personally – almost as personally as you do. It’s one reason we’ve worked hard to reinvent the claims process to work better and faster for our clients. To create systems and resources that work like a dream to put things right. Because making you whole is one of the ways we keep you moving forward.

Restoring Your World

Restoring Your World

“Reinventing insurance” isn’t just part of our handshake. The claims process lets us prove it – because actions speak louder than words. We’ve developed digital platforms that streamline reporting, adjuster accessibility, 24/7 online claims, real-time progress updates, claim payments and more. Our best-in-class vendor network can help you choose suppliers with solid track records – or, if you prefer, we can choose them on your behalf.

People-First Service

People-First Service

Perhaps most importantly, when you need to report a claim, Berkley One cares. We’re here to empathize and remove the angst of the claim process. (The best way is to focus on what to do next, and we help you do that.) Each claim is handled as diligently as if it were our own, so you can get back to the life you lead. Our position: “we’ve got this.”

Command Center

Command Center

Our command center includes live tracking of weather events as well as tips and services to help you stay in control and ahead of the curve.