Your home is uniquely yours, an expression of you and your family. A safe place for laughter, comfort, and inspiration, it grows as you do through the years, providing the perfect backdrop for each new memory. At Berkley One, we understand that a home is as much a feeling as it is a place. To help protect the home base of your life’s adventure, we’re bringing insurance into the 21st century, with a focus on emerging trends and innovation to create more customizable coverage options for you.

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For Florida policyholders – Notice of Premium Discounts for Hurricane Loss Mitigation

Premium Discounts for Hurricane Loss Mitigation
Protection For The Way <br />
You Live Today

Protection For The Way
You Live Today

Berkley One and your agent are here to help you protect the home you love. We have the expertise to cover both simple and complex issues, from trust or LLC ownership to cyber risks to tips that can help you reduce your risk of loss.


Your house is more than a roof overhead. It’s where you entertain, read to your children, garden, get away from it all, explore your creativity, or plan your next adventure. Berkley One has the latest tools, services and resources to help customize coverage that not only fits the physical house you live in, but also the treasures, moments, and memories that really make it your home. Together with your insurance agent, we’ll build a program that fits your lifestyle like a bespoke suit.

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Your condo is your home. But you’re also in close quarters with other owners and share responsibilities with the owners’ association. Berkley One independent agents have the expertise to navigate the issues that are unique to owning a condo – from how a covered loss might affect your neighbor (or vice versa) to what to do if you can’t use your parking space because of a snow storm or flood.

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Whether you’re leasing an apartment overlooking the park, renting a beach house, living in a flat while your dream home is being built, or out enjoying some other adventure, Berkley One’s unique renter’s insurance policy is there to help protect you, your belongings and your interests. Working with your agent, we can help build a program that covers you the way you want to be covered.

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