Our condo policies are designed specifically for condo owners, taking into account that you have neighbors on the other side of your wall. What happens in your apartment can affect them, and vice versa. Your Berkley One appointed agent helps you consider the unique factors of your particular building and makes sure you’ve got coverage within the association’s requirements – including unit loss assessments that are typical in condo or co-ops – and any higher-level coverages you may need in specific areas.


A Higher Level Of Protection

What if the water supply line to your toilet burst when no one was home, and it flooded your condo, ruining your furniture and decor? It’s not your fault, but you can be protected. Berkley One helps make things right after a covered loss. And in some states, we can even reimburse you up to $5,000 for qualifying devices to prevent expensive losses from happening again.

How Is Berkley One Different?

As a brand new insurance provider, we’re rethinking condo insurance from the ground up. That means we can offer you features like these.

We help you insure your possessions with higher coverage limits available in a wide variety of areas including landscaping, incidental business property and special limits for jewelry, silverware and other valuables.

You have the option of adding more coverages to your condo policy – including expense coverage for loss of a parking spot, cyber, equipment breakdown, and family security, to name just a few. And if you need additional coverage for art, jewelry, wine, recreational equipment or anything you collect, we have a policy for that too. Ask us for more details.

When you have a covered claim, Berkley One can restore and rebuild condo additions and alterations to their former glory. We draw on relationships with local contractors and are here to manage the process from start to finish, keeping you fully up-to-date on the process of repairs.

And even if you don’t have a claim, you can still reach out to us for a recommendation for your next renovation or for contractors that can help make your place even safer. Email our risk consultants at [email protected] or call 855-663-8553 to get in touch with a PlusOne service provider.

At Berkley One, we think that should save you money. Ask your Berkley One appointed agent about these and other potential premium reductions.

Our command center includes live tracking of weather events as well as tips and services to help you stay in control and ahead of the curve.

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