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We help you minimize risk by maximizing knowledge. Berkley One clients are able to access an array of risk management services that put knowledge and solutions at your fingertips and help you proactively address risk and protect what matters most.

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TrueRiskSM Analysis

We’re your partner in understanding your TrueRiskSM. Berkley One Risk Management Specialists use a 30+ point diagnostic process and innovative technologies to evaluate your home inside and out and make recommendations that just might help you avoid a loss. Our TrueRiskSM Assessment is a simple guide that details your home from every angle, looking at interior and exterior features and potential risk points as well as establishing the home’s reconstruction cost valuation.
PlusOneSM Service Network

Our network is your network. Our TrueRiskSM service is coupled with access to the PlusOneSM Service Network, which features qualified contractors and service providers who can step in right away to help address repairs, installations or recommendations we make to keep you better protected.

Access the PlusOneSM Service Network:

Cyber Services

Our Cyber endorsement covers expenses associated with events like cyberbullying, identity theft and online extortion and for clients with this coverage, we pair this with responsive identity management services from CyberScout. Clients with Cyber coverage can access services and information that can help with proactively minimizing cyber risk, monitoring threats and providing remediation if a breach occurs. This remediation may include enrollment for one year in a fraud monitoring plan.

Get Cyber Assistance Services (for clients with Cyber coverage):

Dedicated fraud specialists available by phone at:

Collector Services

We are a community of collectors and have experts on staff who can work with you to anticipate your needs, offering proactive advice and resources in areas such as art advisory and appraisals, art purchasing, shipping and packing, installation and de-installation, storage and security.
Wildfire Defense Services

For clients who live in areas prone to wildfire, Berkley One has collaborated with Wildfire Defense Solutions (WDS) to provide wildfire response services. WDS monitors wildfires countrywide and provides us with up-to-the-minute information about fires that may endanger client properties. If a wildfire is threatening, WDS can deploy response resources to take necessary action to minimize the risk of damage. This service is complimentary for homeowners clients in Arizona, Colorado and Texas and clients are automatically enrolled. If you wish to opt out of receiving wildfire services from WDS, please email us at [email protected].