For Florida policyholders – Notice of Premium Discounts for Hurricane Loss Mitigation

Premium Discounts for Hurricane Loss Mitigation


Collecting speaks to you. Each new find comes with a story, reflecting your style, interests or travels and keeping your mind open to the next piece and who you’ll share it with. Whether you enjoy the quest or admiring your collection, Berkley One’s Collectible policy is designed to cover your valuable and treasured collections beyond the basic limits of your home policy. These coverages can be customized to help protect your valued pieces.

The Value Of Connections

The Value Of Connections

You’ve spent years building your collection and it’s deeply important to you. At Berkley One, we’re not just insurance people, we’re art enthusiasts, too – and we understand your passion. Our art and collectibles specialists often start their sentences with “I know a person who . . .” They’re connected with quality appraisers, conservators, shippers and other experts and can put them to work for you quickly if you ever have a covered claim. They know what to ask and how to “triage” a collection in the event of unexpected issues.

Fine Art

Whether you love mid-century furniture, outsider art, or one particular artist’s sculpture, your art collection is uniquely you. We share your delight in art – old and new – and have the expertise to value and help protect it.

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They are sentimental gifts, family heirlooms, expressions of your own unique style, both personal and celebrated. You know how much they are worth. Now, find out how we can help give your fine jewelry the protection it deserves.

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Maybe you’re always trying new wines. Or maybe you’ve narrowed your tasting to Reisling, Burgundy, or the Santa Lucia Highlands. Our wine connoisseurs know what it’s like to fall for a grape, a region or even a particular hillside. Ask your agent how to help protect the items in your cellar.

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Other Collectibles

Perhaps your collecting passion runs to comic books, stamps, coins, furs, or vintage couture. We get it. If it has a coveted spot in your life, we have the advanced resources to help you protect it. Ask your agent for more details.

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