Innovation To Move You Forward

At Berkley One, we’re building something that takes the best of tradition and marries it up with the modern, edgy, and unexpected. Our team members came together from some of America’s top insurance companies to construct a new kind of insurance provider, one designed to meet the evolving needs of people with full, busy, adventurous lives. We’ve staked our careers on making insurance more innovative, more customizable and more personal.

Designed to be nimble

Launched in 2017, Berkley One is a startup personal insurance provider for modern, affluent people who have and want more out of life. First and foremost, we are nimble – adapting to fit your needs, not the other way around. We’re on a mission to surprise you with innovation you probably wouldn’t expect from an insurance provider. Every one of us is all in to make the experience simple, transparent and seamless.

Think you’d be a good fit for our team? If you’re a voraciously curious person who’s driven to make improvements at every level of the company, every day, we hope you’ll check out our career opportunities.

Backed by the power of Berkley

Berkley One is a part of Berkley, one of America’s largest property and casualty insurance providers, made up of more than 50 operating units, each with niche expertise we can tap to bring you an even broader array of options and resources. This gives us the solid foundation and network it takes to launch a successful startup.

W. R. Berkley Corporation was itself a startup: founded in 1967 with $2,500 initial capital, it grew to become a Fortune 500 company. Berkley One carries forward that same entrepreneurial spirit in everything we do. Let us show you how we can help you move forward while protecting what you value most, from homes to cars to collectibles to the stuff that dreams are made of.

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Our Team

Berkley One is new on the scene, but our team members are among the most experienced in the business. We share a culture of innovation and a drive to build the simplest, most customizable and most positive insurance experience out there.

Alyssa Acosta
Alyssa Acosta

“Service is about providing the best possible solution. Sometimes that’s diving in deep to fix a problem but sometimes it simply means being there with empathy and understanding.”

Alyssa Acosta and her team are responsible for helping you navigate our organization so you get help when you need it – including servicing policies, technical support and much more. She brings to Berkley One more than 10 years of insurance experience plus 5 years of leadership outside the industry.

Alyssa knows that service, like leadership, is about relationships and trust. Her job is to invest in and train the people who work directly with agents and clients while optimizing our processes so that each interaction is as efficient and enjoyable as it can be. Take a moment to talk with her and you’ll realize she has a way with people. Combine that with a focus on the metrics and it’s a recipe for delivering service that goes above and beyond for clients.

Alyssa joined Berkley One because she’s a natural born collaborator and enjoys the satisfaction that comes from finding the best way to do something. She embraces the unknown and uses the experience to fuel learning. It’s that same growth mindset that has her continuously exploring new places to travel and enjoying outdoor adventures and motorsports.

Alyssa earned an Associates of Business Management from Lakeland Community College and is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Business Management from University of Phoenix.