Being on the water. Getting away from it all. It’s the ultimate sense of relaxation with a splash of adventure. Whether you prefer to drop anchor in a lake or discover hidden coves only reachable by sea, at Berkley One, we know there’s no better feeling and we’re here to help you navigate insurance smoothly.

Berkley One’s recreational marine policy can keep you cruising carefree.  We cover your hull, engines and fixtures from unfortunate events like theft of equipment, collision with another boat, fire onboard, storm damage and more. Coverage is based on the value we both agree to upfront which helps to avoid surprises come claim time.

We also offer medical payments coverage for you and your guests, if injured on your vessel.  If you have crew, we provide Jones Act as well as Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act coverage, the maritime version of workers’ compensation.


Coverage Details

Our policy was engineered with coverage to respond to many facets of boat ownership so you can keep your eye on the horizon.

  • Personal Effects – We cover personal belongings while onboard your vessel.
  • Non-Owned Vessel – If you take the helm of a friend’s boat on occasion, coverage follows you, as the operator.
  • Newly Acquired Watercraft – If you’re planning to buy another watercraft to multiply your fun, we provide coverage for up to 15 days, giving you time to report your new purchase.
  • Named Storm Haul Out – Boat Ownership also means taking precautions when weather conditions turn quickly and we can help. When a “named storm” watch or warning is issued by the National Weather Service where your vessel is located, we’ll share in the expenses, up to the coverage limit to move your vessel out of harm’s way.
  • Bottom Inspection – Should your vessel strike a submerged object or run aground, we’ll pay up to $2,500 to inspect the bottom of your vessel for damage.

Helping To Set Your Journey in Motion

Owners who are loss free, who have completed formal boater education and whose vessels are equipped with modern safety features may be eligible for opportunities to save.

If your vessel becomes disabled while away from its mooring location or during transport on land and you require commercial assistance, we cover reasonable costs, up to the limits shown, for emergency towing to the nearest place for repairs or roadside trailer service or the cost of delivery of gas, oil or parts or labor for emergency repairs while away from your mooring or storage location.

We’re helping you prepare for your next voyage.  For damage to your vessel covered under your policy, we’ll pay the reasonable cost to repair or replace the damage. This includes the repair or replacement of damage to a pair or set of outboard motors and outdrive units 10 years of age or less, inboard propulsion machinery and auxiliary machinery 15 years of age or less and sails, protective covers and upholstery 5 years of age or less.

If you have a covered loss that also results in accidental leakage of fuel or oil into the water, we can help cover the costs of cleanup you are legally liable to pay or that are imposed by a governmental entity.


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