No collection is exactly the same; policies to cover them shouldn’t be one-size-fits all. Today, people are collecting more kinds of things than ever before, many of which require both thoughtful coverage and special care.


A Higher Level of Coverage For Your Collectibles

We’ve assembled a specialized team with deep expertise in the personal collectibles industry –not just as insurers, but as genuine enthusiasts themselves. Our firsthand experience gives us the insight to provide innovative coverage for whatever you have an eye for: whether it’s furs or fossils, stamps or space memorabilia, coins or couture, musical instruments or military memorabilia, or any other collectible.

Collectibles Advisory And Loss Consulting

At Berkley One, it’s our role to understand what makes your collection vulnerable and anticipate your needs based on trends in the world of collecting. We can recommend installation specialists, help you reduce your risks of damage from water leaks or hot circuitry and advise you on conservation issues like maintaining pieces made from non-traditional materials – and more. There’s an advantage in having the support of people who know your collecting category inside and out: they’re eminently qualified to help you protect it.

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