Insurance for your adventure

What’s your adventure? At Berkley One, we believe it’s what you achieve, create, architect and enjoy. It’s what gives you joy in life – whether it’s climbing a mountain or an evening walk with your dogs.

That may sound surprising, coming from an insurance provider. Insurance is traditionally about protection and adventure is traditionally about exploration – and never the twain shall meet.

But we believe they belong together, because adventure is about the experiences of life, and insurance should be there to help you savor them without hesitation. That’s the idea behind Berkley One, the new insurance provider for people who’ve accomplished much in life and want more out of life. We’re preparing to launch in Illinois, with a national rollout to follow state by state.

“Our mission is to make sure you can freely live your adventure without worry, because you deserve that,” said Berkley One President Kathy Tierney.

“In today’s rapidly changing world, you should be able to meet what’s next with confidence and excitement, and your insurance provider should support you every step of the way.”

“That’s why we’re launching Berkley One, to be a new kind of personal insurance experience. An organization designed from the ground up to make sure the adventures that make up your life story – whether it’s hiking in the Hebrides, RV’ing across the country or planning a dinner for family and friends at home – proceed without interruption,” she said.

“We respect your right to define adventure on your own terms. It’s all about you, the life you’ve built and your personal investment in it. Your insurance provider should get that.”


A new idea: building coverage around you (not one-size-fits all)


Berkley One differs from traditional insurance providers in that we build solutions around you. While our base policies for homes, cars, and other valuables offer a strong foundation of coverage, we also give you the flexibility to adjust certain limits or add endorsements so that your insurance fits the way you live. In fact, we encourage personalizing coverage for whatever you want to protect: from art collections to wine collections to vacation homes.

We know your life keeps evolving, and the coverage you need is going to evolve with it. We’ll work with you to stay one step ahead and prepare for situations where ordinary insurance might leave gaps – whether that means providing coverage for shipping art across the ocean, driving a classic car that’s usually tucked away in your garage, or not having to worry about coverage for legal liability when hosting an event at your home.

We’re here to make sure the adventures of your life are as protected and uninterrupted as possible. And if there’s ever a setback, it’s our responsibility to help get you back on track promptly – so you can keep moving ahead.


The adventure of our own lives


All along the journey to launch Berkley One, we’ve realized that starting a new insurance organization from the ground up is a bit of an adventure, too. Maybe that’s what helps us understand our clients so well.

“The startup process definitely isn’t for the faint of heart,” Tierney says. “In late 2016, we set out to create a new way of doing insurance for the modern sophisticated client that was both high touch and high tech. The idea was to marry the very best of the traditional person-to-person elements of insurance with the very best of modern technology. This way, we could always be accessible to clients when and where they need us.”

“We brought together a diverse group of people who shared two things: expertise in insurance and the tenacity to do what it takes to make insurance better for clients. I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it has been to really build something new around the needs of clients,” she said.

“The same is true of our independent agents: we’re collaborating with people who are committed to excellence and looking for ways to do more for their clients. They are truly partnering with us in building the organization, so this is their adventure as well. We’re here to give them the tools and support they need to succeed,” she said.

For our clients, engaging with Berkley One means experiencing a new approach to insurance. It’s the satisfaction of knowing your insurance provider is always innovating and moving forward – to stay in step with the adventures of your life.