Adventures in collecting

Why is now such an exciting time to get into art collecting? Katja Zigerlig, VP of Art, Wine + Collectibles Advisory at Berkley One, and Wendi Norris, former tech executive and current owner of Gallery Wendi Norris, share their thoughts in this fascinating discussion at the recent UNTITLED, San Francisco art fair.

Thanks to the posting and sharing of images, it’s now easy to see what your friends in Cupertino, Cleveland and Copenhagen are being inspired by. With a host of information at your fingertips, it’s also easy to research artists online, learn where they are exhibiting and find out which galleries represent them. What is the next step to translate looking into collecting? And how does a collector develop a meaningful relationship with a dealer and engage in the art community?

Zigerlig and Norris explain why “no” is the second best answer an art dealer can hear, and how art mentors and art fairs can enrich and inspire. They discuss how the adventure of collecting begins with immersing oneself with objects that excite the eye and the mind, and how aspiring arts enthusiasts can best engage gallerists and creative professionals to jump into the greater art world of philanthropy and cultural engagement.