Creative new strokes for a time-tested agency

Denver Agency doesn’t just get insurance, they get you. After 86 years in business, they offer an approach and depth of understanding that’s proven tremendously successful. It’s a given that the Denver Agency team knows personal insurance. It’s how they deliver it that’s markedly different.

“We don’t just offer insurance, we provide an experience,” says President Eric Gordon. “We bring a hospitality approach to the insurance business. We want to create a segment on the agency side that doesn’t exist, something truly specialized for our high net worth clients,” he explains. Denver Agency is pushing to redefine the insurance category, turning a necessary task into an experience all its own.

Denver Agency’s customer-first approach has stood the test of time. Founded in 1932, the agency is still independently owned and operated. “We aim to take care of our clients, and anticipate what, how and when they need something,” Eric explains. Eric joined Denver Agency in 1994, after starting his career in insurance in New York City. He understood the Centennial State well as an alumni of the University of Colorado, and knew the insurance industry well from his father. “I have a passion around the lifestyle of our clients. We go beyond just the products that we’re offering, to understand what our clients need at a deeper level,” Eric says of his and the team’s expertise.


A fresh start for an inspired vision


Recently, Denver Agency has taken another step in their commitment to doing things differently by hiring the agency’s first Chief Marketing Officer, Michelle Tremblay. Coming from an advertising agency background, Michelle was inspired by Eric’s vision and progressive approach to the business. “They are distinguishing themselves within the category by embracing a hospitality approach to their service. It has always been embedded in the DNA of the company,” Michelle explains. “I’m excited to be part of heightening its awareness, and bringing the Denver Agency brand to life in a creative and elegant way that delivers on this positioning.”

It only takes one interaction with the Denver Agency to feel that their take on insurance breaks from the pack. Take their website, which looks more like a travel or lifestyle brand than what you’d expect from an insurance agency. It’s designed to reflect a certain feeling and understanding—one that’s personal, and appreciates what their clients care about most. They’re not here to tell you a story—they’re here to be part of yours.


Delightfully different


High net worth insurance is unique because it goes beyond numbers and coverages; there is a deeper level of understanding and sometimes sentiment required in this space. Eric explains that there is a sense of fulfillment when he can help a client who comes to him not knowing what they can get out of their insurance, because they’ve only been offered preset packages. “Most clients are conditioned to think that they have certain limited options, but we are able to offer them a personalized level of insurance. As an agency, we can offer them more—because we understand not just the coverages, but also the lifestyle and the psychology.”

Eric sees that the future of insurance lies in this bespoke, individualized approach. “Our clients need specialized advisors who serve with empathy and deep understanding, and that’s what we provide for them. I’m excited to double down on that idea.” Eric says that one of the most satisfying feelings is walking away from a meeting knowing that a client is now covered in an area they weren’t before. “We solve problems that clients didn’t even know they had, simply because they weren’t advised correctly in the past.”

While this may seem daunting to some, for Denver Agency, “It’s just the way we have always done business,” says partner Chip McKeever. He adds, “There’s a certain level of Sherlock Holmes investigation to it, making sure that clients are covered in the right way. At the top of it all is helping people.”

For Eric and his team, one of the most rewarding parts of the job is breathing new life into a part of clients’ lives that may have seemed obligatory and even transactional—until now. “It’s about making sure that people not only have an experience that is seamless and comfortable, but also delightful,” Michelle says of the company’s goal.


A team effort


When asked about the team at Denver Agency, Eric lights up. “It all starts with the team,” he begins. His goal for each and every employee is for them to know that they are a part of something special. “We want our people to feel like they’re part of a company that’s thinking ahead.” The team relies on each other—and has fun together. Here, it’s not about clocking in, working your hours and then clocking out. Each person is an integral part of a high vision for the company’s future.

For a company with such a long tenure, one key to Denver Agency’s success is their ability to constantly evolve with their clients, with the space and with time. Even when they’re seeing growth, they’re always looking at how they can further improve. “Innovation is a huge a part of this company. We all have a laser focus of where we’re headed,” Eric says. “But we have also have a slow-and-steady-wins-the-race attitude. There’s a sense of urgency, but it’s also about thoughtful, constant, sustainable evolution.”


An inspired match


On the company’s service mentality, Eric explains, “We have a client-first, yes-always attitude here.” As Denver Agency strives to offer clients a superior level of service, they’ll now have a new carrier option for clients that shares this vision in perfect harmony in Berkley One, a Berkley Company.

It started with a strong relationship with the founders of Berkley One, which instilled trust in the relationship. But what really stood apart was the two organizations’ similar goals. “I’ve found synergy with their vision,” Eric says, “They are going to offer a superior agent and client experience, which we are really excited about.”

Michelle added that she’s excited for the opportunity to work with the startup. “Berkley One has done a great assessment of the current state,” she explains. “They know how to deliver on what works and are reimagining what doesn’t, which gives everyone the best of both worlds.” In a market that often seems static, Berkley One and The Denver Agency understand that insurance can be anything but.

Denver Agency offers home and estate insurance, automobile insurance, collections insurance, excess insurance, aviation and travel insurance, yacht insurance, and commercial insurance. The agency is based in Denver, Colorado.