Dialed in from location to legacy

For some individuals, a basic set of insurance coverage services may suffice. But for others, a more holistic support structure may be needed to truly satisfy more complex coverage needs. This is precisely where Colorado-based Glenwood Insurance Agency offers its greatest value.

Strategically situated amidst the hot spots of Aspen and Vail, Glenwood is uniquely positioned and dynamically qualified to cover the homes of its core client base.

“The agency was founded in 1911,” explains Owner Asa Jones. “For 117 years, we’ve operated as a full-service independent agency.” Glenwood has found success serving a niche of loyal, sophisticated clients, many of whom have deep-seeded family legacies. “It’s not unusual for us to serve second, third, or even fourth generation clients,” he adds.

With more than a century of experience, Glenwood has surely found a strategy that works. Family-owned since the beginning, the agency offers a broad range of coverage solutions which include personal insurance, commercial insurance, health and disability insurance, and long-term care services. As a member of the nationwide Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance (SIAA), Glenwood has also forged strategic partnerships with more than 30 affiliate carriers, to jointly provide top-tier services that can help clients thrive over the long haul.

“Our carrier partners are typically A-rated companies who appreciate the capabilities of our own tenured producers,” explains Ian Exelbert, Owner and COO. “These relationships let us work collaboratively to source actionable answers for clients—whether they are looking for coverage or when a claim arises.”


A wide breadth of options


Given Glenwood’s unique resort geography, there’s no shortage of properties in need of coverage. With their long tenure and knowledgeable staff, the agency knows the nuances of this market inside and out—as well as what they might mean for clients when it comes to their insurance coverage.

Colorado home prices, for instance, have increased more than 200% in the past decade.1 Today, even more modest properties can be surprisingly pricey. “We recently saw a two-bedroom, one bath home built in the 1960s listed for nearly $3 million,” explains Producer Kim Hammon. “Homes like these present us with the challenge of explaining the coverage that clients need to help cover these properties in the event of significant damage.” While rebuilding a similar home in a different area might be a fraction of the cost, in a location such as Glenwood Springs, home values, demand and labor costs are on the rise.

As a result, clients often need insurance coverages and services that extend beyond what a standard homeowner’s policy might offer. Guaranteed replacement cost coverage is one such coverage which can help clients cover costs to rebuild their home in a covered total loss, even if the cost to rebuild is greater than the policy limit. “Provisions such as these can go a long way in helping protect clients against being underinsured in the event of a total loss,” Kim explains.

Fortunately, the team at Glenwood excels in helping clients find solutions that respond to their unique circumstances and geographies, whether they are based in Colorado or nationwide. “Educating clients helps us form deeper, more meaningful connections,” explains Producer Sal Lopez.

“Glenwood clients are given true counseling and they’re afforded access to different markets. Our goal is to ensure that all our clients receive customized coverage packages that can fit their individual criteria,” adds Kim.


Tapping into the community


Glenwood has also demonstrated its commitment to serving the area’s thriving Latino community, by hiring staffers who can communicate coverage options in Spanish. “Not only can we explain different coverage options in Spanish to help a client select the right policy for them, but we can also help service a claim,” explains Sal, who joined the company four years ago as their first bilingual producer. “Glenwood has made specific investments in this area.”

When they’re not counseling clients, the team at Glenwood is also committed to giving back. Each year, the agency furnishes employees with a full day’s pay, enabling them to spend a day volunteering with causes near and dear to them—be it coaching sports, organizing community events, or raising money for civic organizations like The Rotary Club, Lions Club International, and Kiwanis International. Glenwood was recently named “Philanthropic Business of the Year” for their fundraising efforts. “We’re proud of this distinction,” crows Ian, who is also a Chairman of the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association.


 Carrier relationships that count


One thing that the staff at Glenwood all agrees on is that a mindset of continuous improvement drives their business. “Whether it comes to systems, education, or service, we’re about innovation in everything we do,” explains Ian.

The team found alignment in these values with Berkley One, a Berkley Company and new personal insurance provider that launched in Colorado earlier this year. “We strive to have great working relationships with our providers, which means we take starting new carrier relationships seriously,” explains Asa. Glenwood appreciated the deep experience of Berkley One’s leadership team, as well as the network and credibility the startup brought as a member company of Berkley, one of the nation’s largest property and casualty insurance providers. “Berkley One’s commitment to doing things differently also resonated,” adds Ian. “Like us, they want to be always on the cusp of what’s new and different.”

Looking ahead, Glenwood aims for continued growth through organic client acquisition, and strategic networking with providers like Berkley One, and organizations like Continental Insurance Agency Alliance, the Colorado and Wyoming Master Agency of the SIAA, whose resources have allowed Glenwood to dramatically expand its reach.

“We know that not every client is a perfect match for every company,” says Ian. “But we’ve tapped into the essential markets that work for us, and we’re committed to bringing our clients the coverage and counseling that they deserve.”

Glenwood Insurance Agency offers commercial insurance, personal insurance, life and health insurance, and employee benefits. The agency is based in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.