Art on the street: The sensational rise of the street art scene

Where is the action? Out in the street. It’s likely you’ve seen street art on view lately—on buildings and public spaces in cities, or even on social media (just last week, artist JR launched a new installation with actor Timothée Hal Chalamet at the Frick Museum the evening of the 2021 Met Gala.) Street art can delight, provoke and simultaneously inspire the casual passerby. The street art movement, which originated in graffiti culture decades ago, has swelled in popularity and become a practice in which artists harness large scale aesthetics to engage viewers in a conversation. The most well-known and commercially successful street artists intervene brashly in public spaces, and even more brazenly in the auction market.

Join Katja Zigerlig, Berkley One, a Berkley Company’s Vice President of Art, Wine + Collectibles Advisory, and guest panelist. Kimball Higgs, Senior Director of Fine Art at Winston Art Group, for a discussion on the history of street art and some of the movement’s most important practitioners, including a deep dive on the artwork of and marketplace for Banksy.