An insider’s look at spring 2022 art market trends

An iconic Warhol. Birkin bags. Digital art. A record-breaking photograph. Discover notable trends in today’s art market in our latest Art Insights webinar

While art icons of the past helped fuel well over $2 billion in spring auction sales worldwide, the strong market for photographs, ceramics and Birkin bags reveal the diversity of mediums and collectibles desired by collectors today.

A variety of art practices were visible at the many spring art fairs, as well as in the Venice and Whitney Biennials. We’ll discuss the potential impact of biennial participation on an artist’s prices and visibility—as well as the “postage stamp effect,” that is, how being selected to be on a US postage stamp can also increase awareness of an artist’s work. We’ll also dive into digital curation, which is becoming more prominent in the art NFT space, as is an increased appreciation and visibility of the digital artist pioneers of the 1960s, whose works are now showing up at auction as well. Finally, we’ll discuss the importance of conservation on maintaining art’s aesthetic and collectability.

Tune in to discover these insights and more from Katja Zigerlig, Vice President of Art, Wine + Collectibles Advisory at Berkley One (a Berkley Company), as we reflect on the art market trends of the first half of 2022. (Hint: use the icon in the bottom right if you’d like to view the webinar in full-screen view).