All aboard with recreational marine

With boating season in full swing, here’s a view of what Berkley One’s recreational marine policy can offer

Freedom. Joy. Simplicity. There’s no better feeling than being on the water, and with the start of summer officially here, more and more people are hitting the water for some well-deserved R&R.

Debbie O’Sullivan, Director of Recreational Marine at Berkley One, shares this joy. “I grew up boating on the inland lakes of New Jersey on a 1957 19-foot Chris Craft boat,” she reminisces. “Boating is one of the greatest recreational hobbies, whether on the coast, in the Great Lakes region, or on a river across the country.” Boating requires both precision and flexibility—and allows enthusiasts both relaxation and adventure.

Whatever it is that draws you to the water, Berkley One is ready to meet the coverage needs of watercraft owners, with recreational marine insurance solutions for luxury boats and yachts from a team of experts offering more than 30 years of dedicated ocean marine experience. We spoke with Debbie to take a look inside Berkley One’s policy, and highlight some of the features that she’d advise boaters should look for in a policy.


Solutions for your boat:

Recognizing a need for boating enthusiasts to protect a wide array of vessels, the Berkley One Recreational Marine policy provides coverage for a variety of watercrafts, including yachts, motor yachts, trawlers, power boats, sailboats, and beyond.


Broad coverage:

The policy recognizes the importance of aiding in the unforeseeable, providing coverage for the hull, engines, and fixtures in unfortunate events like boat collision, onboard fires, storm damage, and more. In addition to coverage for physical vessel damage, the policy provides liability coverage a vessel owner is obligated to provide for full-time employees like a captain, first mate, engineer and deck hands, as well as anyone who comes aboard to provide a service—be it culinary, entertainment, or maintenance.

“I get calls every week asking if special fishing gear, water skis, and diving equipment are covered,” O’Sullivan mentions. “I’m always delighted to hear about the ways in which our clients enjoy their time on the water, and also to be able to assure them that yes, there is coverage for personal effects.”


New purchases:

With so much water to explore and so many water-related hobbies to pursue, it’s no wonder people often seek an additional watercraft purchase to multiply their fun. At Berkley One, our newly acquired coverage kicks in immediately for 15 days, giving a client time to report their new purchase.


Resources to help you stay prepared:

Because boating is a personal and professional vocation for O’Sullivan and her team of marine underwriters, they understand and acknowledge the nuances of the nautical world—including its ebbs and flows. “We offer our clients resources for boating safety protocols and improving their sailing skills,” she says. “With the start of hurricane season, we can also provide advice and guidance for this specific water-related risk.”


Coverage to help you weather storms, and more:

Boat ownership requires the ability to take precautions when conditions quickly turn. When a “named storm” watch or warning is issued by the National Weather Service, Berkley One’s Recreational Marine team can help clients with any vessels located in the storm’s path, sharing in the expenses to remove the vessel from harm’s way. Should the vessel strike a submerged object or run aground, the policy covers up to $2,500 to inspect the bottom of the watercraft for damage.


Our network is your network:

Knowing the vendors and marine architects who can repair damaged vessels is another area of expertise for O’Sullivan and her staff. They meet regularly with other boating enthusiasts, builders, and marine experts at industry boat events from coast to coast, including the Seattle Boat Show, Lake Michigan In-Water Boat Show, and the Palm Beach International Boat Show to learn more on the latest trends and insights in recreational watercrafts.

“We are constantly engaged with other marine professionals, and we use our strong segment knowledge and underwriting expertise to support the needs, lifestyle, and adventures of our clients and the agents who serve them,” notes O’Sullivan.


Chart your course:

Your independent insurance agent can help you discuss the ins and outs of your boat, and craft an insurance solution for your time on the water. To learn more about Berkley One’s policy—offered for boaters, by boaters, and engineered to respond to the many facets of boat ownership—find an independent agent or request a quote.