2022: Art insights for year end

Insider takeaways from a hot collector’s market with iconic sales

Visionary collectors and artists have made their mark on the art and collectibles market in the last half year. Single collector sales from names such as Allen, Getty and Maurer have set records for the artists in their collections, proving again that strong provenance and quality support strong prices. What are some of the larger market takeaways from these iconic sales? Rarity remains king. Although many artists whose works sold for record prices were well-known, there have also been many market rediscoveries of lesser known artists from the past. Sometimes a single collectible is so rare that is sets a price precedent, like the 1952 Mickey Mantle baseball card that sold this past summer.

Join our own Katja Zigerlig, Vice President of Art, Wine + Collectibles Advisory, for a 2022 year-end edition of our Art Insights webinar. She discusses the hot collectibles market, coveted items from the Carpenter’s Workshop and the buzzword ‘phygital art’.