2023: Art insights for year end

Insider takeaways from a collector’s market favoring the tried and true

During times of uncertainty, the art market tends to prefer time-tested pieces. Landscapes, thematically encompassing both the environment outside— as well as metaphorical emotional terrain inside— have been interpreted by artists throughout art history. Strong prices by a variety of 20th and 21st century American artists prove the enduring power of this classic art theme. And what better animal to place in a landscape than sheep? Finally, a series of exciting museum exhibitions has increased collector demand for artists. We’ll dive into the marketplace for trends that cross the Atlantic (from Mark Rothko in Paris to the American artist who just designed the album covered for the “last”’ single from the Fab Four).

Join our own Katja Zigerlig, Vice President of Art, Wine + Collectibles Advisory, for a 2023 year-end edition of our Art Insights webinar. She discusses ways to interpret landscape themes in art, the impact museum exhibitions can have on an artist’s marketplace, and some successful animal-themed sculptures at auction.

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