Art Insights In Depth: Diamonds

Insider takeaways on the evolving diamond market

Diamonds may be forever, but their value can fluctuate. The recent fascination with ‘lab grown’ or ‘eco-friendly’ diamonds, in an ever evolving and complex marketplace, has affected diamond prices. In this webinar, we discuss how the hardest known mineral in the universe retains its value as a loose stone, as well as in the jewelry setting. We also make note of purchasing diamond jewelry as a component of long-term collection planning, with attention to safeguarding the items and getting updated appraisals.

For insight on all this and more, join our own Katja Zigerlig, Berkley One’s Vice President of Art, Wine + Collectibles Advisory, and our special guest, Kate Waterhouse, Director and Senior Jewelry Specialist at The Fine Art Group for our Art Insights, In Depth: Diamonds webinar.

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