Berkley One issues auto premium payback for clients during COVID-19 pandemic

Auto insurance policyholders in the U.S. will receive a 20% refund on two months of premiums

Berkley One, an insurance provider for modern, sophisticated individuals and families, today announced a premium payback for auto insurance clients in the U.S. The payback is the result of data showing clients are driving less due to stay-at-home and shelter-in-place instructions.

Each client with an active auto insurance policy will receive a 20% refund on April and May auto premiums. Clients do not need to take action as the payback will be applied automatically in June, subject to requisite regulatory approvals. Intended to return money to clients when it can most help, the payback occurs during the current term as opposed to the renewal term.

At the center of our business are the clients we serve and as they do their part to stay at home to flatten the curve, we can help support them with an auto premium payback based on reduced driving activity. Today and every day, we want our clients and agents to know we appreciate the challenges they face and are here to help them keep moving forward.

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